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Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn

Senior Editor and self confessed Crypto addict, bringing a variety of Crypto tech news, help and advice in the UK. I have worked in various fields throughout my career such as a Systems Administrator, Cyber Security Consultant and other technical related roles, these days I concentrate on Cryptocurrency journalism and technical writing.

The social trading platform eToro has now made it possible to earn a second income with their ever Popular Investor program.

When the term cryptocurrencies and bitcoin first came out, many people didn’t take it seriously. Over time, however, crypto has grown in popularity and become one of the many methods for making payments.

cryptosavvy.co.uk is for sale for £500

The website and its content is included (copright would need to be confirmed on all content). The website is based on a Joomla template and the whole website can be transferred to its new owner, more likely though the url is the point of interest, because it has been established since April 2020.

It has been marketed previously, but due to other commitments sadly it has not been further developed and needs someone take it to the level that it deserves.

Using an establised website address is always preferable to starting from scratch with a new website address, basically you hit the ground running.

The keyword 'crypto' is hugely popular on the internet and with the right commitment cryptosavvy.co.uk could be a very popular website with many options for further development.

Also included in the sale will be a Facebook group with 150 followers https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptosavvyuk and a twitter account with 13.3 thousand followers https://twitter.com/CryptoSavvyUK

To buy cryptosavvy.co.uk for £500 is a low price, but I now need to concentrate on other avenues, it hasn't had fresh content added recently, so needs to be boosted back up again and would make a very shrewd buy.

If this is of interest to you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

For the first time in over nine years, an ounce of gold changes hands for over $1,900. This accomplishment comes after an extremely strong first half of the year for gold, during which it gained ~25%.

Value increases, low fees, speedy transactions – there are many more factors that have led to the increase in popularity of bitcoin trading.

When people say ‘Ripple’ they are probably asking for the cryptocurrency. However, it is actually not the coin itself, which can be a little confusing.

One of the most popular platforms in the industry, Binance is going to be expanding soon into the UK with a regulated crypto trading platform for both retail and institutional investors/traders.

Financial Conduct Authority in the UK have lifted restrictions on Wirecard Card Solutions (WCS) in a move to soothe the concerns of TenX and Crypto.com’s Visa crypto debit cardholders.

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This website is for sale, click on image for details
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