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Crypto Prices

Kraken announced $150k grant to BTCPay Server

Written by  Jun 25, 2020

The Bitcoin community has another significant grant to support open-source development.

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced it has sent $150,000 worth of bitcoin to help support the further development of open-source bitcoin payment processor BTCPay Server.

This gesture from Kraken marks the largest-ever donation to BTCPay and coincides with their recognition of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day.

“A recognition from a big enterprise like Kraken makes us feel energised. At the same time, it puts a positive pressure and responsibility we have to the entire community. Sustainability and structure on our end mean that we can have full focus on our mission, ensuring anybody can have a dream, without worrying of their dreams being shuttered because of geographic, political or financial barriers,” BTCPay Server contributor Pavlenex announced.

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“BTCPay stood out as an open-source project with a clear focus on users’ needs. Their documentation makes it easy to get started and accept Bitcoin payments. This is fully aligned with Kraken’s mission to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency,” a Kraken spokesperson explained.

BTCPay has long been a favourite of the Bitcoin community because of its dedication to ensuring anyone can accept bitcoin without third-party involvement. Coinciding with the announcement of the grant, BTCPay is releasing the version of its software.

When asked about the momentum this gift creates in tandem with the release, Pavlenex responded:


“People have shown tremendous support and love for the project. Various communities (including our own) give a wind to our back, for each line of code we put out there. It’s all about making others feel happy and appreciated. In that spirit, on a day when we’re receiving our biggest grant, we wanted to give something back to people around the internet whose businesses and projects depend on BTCPay Server.The new version comes action-packed with features, improvements and bug fixes but also puts a foundation for greater flexibility in the future.”

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Peter Flynn

Senior Editor and self confessed Crypto addict, bringing a variety of Crypto tech news, help and advice in the UK. I have worked in various fields throughout my career such as a Systems Administrator, Cyber Security Consultant and other technical related roles, these days I concentrate on Cryptocurrency journalism and technical writing.

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Kraken announced $150k grant to BTCPay Server

The Bitcoin community has another significant grant to support open-source development.

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