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Bitcoin bouncing again

Written by  Guest Contributor: Anthony Marks - Crypto Trader Jun 13, 2020

Here we go again the Bitcoin bounce keep happening.

As we have seen on a few occasions recently, the price just cannot get past $10000.

BTC/USD 4 day chart by Tradingview

Try as it might the recent overall movement of Bitcoin is generally between $9500 and $10000, although at the moment it is in the $9400's.

The resistance level at $10000 seems like an impregnable force and it will take a mighty push to exceed this level.

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An equilibrium of sorts seems to have grabbed hold of the Bitcoin price and it won't let go at least not yet.

Every time the price gets near $10000, waves of optimism are reported and huge gains will be made.

But the reality is, this seems unlikely unless there is a major event.

The Bitcoin price as well as the major stock market prices all took a hit a couple of days ago and it wasn't due to Bitcoin valuation alone that caused this current dip.

It seems pretty likely that the price will rise again and I will invest in some more Bitcoin at least in the short-term.

What do you think? Comment below...

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